Zombie Catchers MOD APK v1.36.7 (Unlimited Money, Plutonium)

Zombie Catchers MOD APK






101 MB

MOD Features

Unlimited Money, Plutonium, MOD Menu


7.0 and up


Deca Games

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Take charge of the zombie-apocalyptic arena and embark on a zombie hunting journey in the Zombie Catchers MOD APK with unlimited premium weapons and zombie capturing tools. The game is modded to take you to the future where people are accustomed to these deadly creatures and there are unlimited action-filled challenges to take you to the peak of excellence.

Zombie Catchers Information

NameZombie Catchers
Size101 MB
PublisherDeca Games
Supported ForAndroid Only
Android Requires7.0 and up
File Type.APK
Rating Value4.5 / 5
Rating Counts9471
Released OnJan 27, 2016
Price100% Free
Last UpdatedMay 13, 2024

You can strategies to catch these zombies along with the evolving traps and collect the zombies to use them for your business. You are also offered to turn these zombies into drinks and make desserts with them that are then utilized to collect money. Also, this zombie-themed power-pack simulation is uplifted to the utmost heights with optimized functionality and safe working. So, for strategic zombie-stipulated play, download Zombie Catchers Hack Mod APK from our website Green APK and enjoy premium gameplay with unlimited everything.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Cover

MOD Info

Enjoy a magnetic zombie-hunting journey with incredible VIP assets involvement and get a maximized fun-play station in your possession with incredible mod Info that contains the following slots.

  • MOD Menu
  • Free Shopping
  • Unlimited Plutonium
  • Max Levels
  • God Mode
  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Everything

About Zombie Catchers APK

Get ready to embark on a zombie catching journey with the Zombie Catchers APK and collect mad zombies to initiate a multi-faceted zombie business in this simulation. There are 100s of distinctive tasks for you along with the zombie transforming modes. It allows you to turn the collected zombies into desserts and sweets and earn a nice amount of money from it.

Also, versatile epic boss battles are waiting for you in this modded simulation along with chasing and hunting stats that are also highly evolving and fun-fetching. Likewise, action-filled missions with heart-pounding strategic domains are available for you. There are also maps with new territories and locations that are ready to be explored with high-rise fun involvement.

About Zombie Catchers MOD APK

All-in-all, playing in the max-level zombie-infected domain with all the exciting fun bars unlocked is really a nice factor that the zombie-hunting empire offers along with the fully-fledged tactical stats. You can also make your underground labs to enjoy the highly magnified experimental slot. So, for such an excellent fun slot possession with incredible enchanting stats unlocked, download the Zombie Catchers Mod APK Uang Tak Terbatas and enjoy your time.

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Zombie Catchers Hack Key Features

There is an excellent range of highly in-demanded features that is allocated in the new version of the Zombie Catchers MOD Menu APK and it is all demanded and thrilling to know about these features. The following incredible features are included in it that are worth knowing.

  • Chasing and Hunting Simulation
  • Make Traps and Become a Zombie Hunter
  • Multi-Faceted Modes
  • Make and Lead Food Business
  • Make Labs and Explore New Territories
  • Use Guns and Fight Boss Battles

Chasing and Hunting Simulation

Enjoy an incredible chasing and hunting android simulation with the Zombie Catchers Modded version and give a constructive shape to your strategic trapping ideas. This game is a nice pick for you that ensures a magnetic fun hub in which you can spend your time.

Zombie Catchers Hack Key Features

Make Traps and Become a Zombie Hunter

You are offered to do all that you can do to collect maximum zombies in this Zombie Catchers APK simulation by introducing the powerful traps. Also, a lot of new assets are offered to you to make you a professional zombie hunter.

Multi-Faceted Modes

There are lots of incredible modes that are activated in this modded simulation for you to ensure magnetic gameplay for you. The 2 basic online and offline modes are there along with other sub-categorical fun modes like challenge mode, exploration mode, and hunting mode.

Make and Lead Food Business

With the new version of the Zombie Catchers, you don’t have to get restricted to the hunting mode only, rather a food business making and leading mode is also there to support you in getting all cherishing slots in your possession. You are offered to turn your zombies into food like deserts and tweets and earn money from it.

Make Labs and Explore New Territories

The game also allows you to make underground testing labs to turn the zombies into distinctive items. It is also an amazing gaming state that also offers you to explore new territories and innovative worlds.

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Use Guns and Fight Boss Battles

Enjoy unleashing your fighter craze with the action-filled boss battles that are played in the Zombie Catchers Mod APK and fight the mega battles with dead zombies. You are also offered to use guns to fight with the opponents which also marks a superlative excellence in your free time.

Zombie Catchers APK

MOD Features of the Zombie Hack Game

Along with the above-mentioned thrilling features, there are also other features with modded domain involvement that are allocated to this Zombie Catchers simulation. These are the premium features that are unlocked for free in this hub to magnify its approach and the following are counted in it.

  • Unlimited Money and Coins
  • Blocked Ads, Lags, and Errors
  • Unlimited Plutonium and Upgrades
  • All Levels and Weapons Unlocked
  • Unlimited Everything and Exiting MOD Menu

Unlimited Money and Coins

Are you tired of slow-paced money add-ups with level-ad advancing slots and want to get unlimited money and coins unlocked at once? If yes then this mod version will be the best option. It offers you unlimited money and coins that are all unlocked for free.

MOD Features of the Zombie Hack Game

Blocked Ads, Lags, and Errors

You are offered to get amused by a smoothly-paced Android gameplay, free from all kinds of hassling ads, lags, and errors with this modded zombie fighting game that soothes you with its impressive non-restricted play. The game is a nice pick that makes you fully thrilled and amused.

Unlimited Plutonium and Upgrades

Along with unlimited money, you are also offered to enjoy unlimited plutonium and upgrades that help you to customize your guns and tools with all the desired stats. Also, premium purchases are ensured with these features to help you add a premium touch to your play.

All Levels and Weapons Unlocked

With the mod version of the Zombie Catchers, you get all the levels unlocked along with unlimited weapons. Also, you get max level unlocked along with no hassle of slow-paved leveling-up but with all levels and weapons unlocked; you get a peak fun range in your possession.

Unlimited Everything and Exiting MOD Menu

You also get an exciting mod menu in your favorite zombie-catching simulation that adds the required fun in your free time with its excellent resources and items collection. Also, it offers unlimited everything from free shopping to captivating tools.

Zombie Catchers Hack

Original vs. MOD Version

To know what premium thrillers are added to the mod version of the Zombie Catchers that are missing in its original version, get help from the below section on our website. Here, we have designed a table with a detailed and organized distinction between these two versions and it is demanded to know about this distinction so that a clear-cut view can be accessed.

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Original VersionMOD Version
Limited PlutoniumUnlimited Plutonium
Few Locations Unlocked All Locations Unlocked
Finite MoneyUnlimited Money
Contains a Few AdsNo Ads
Few Levels UnlockedAll Levels Unlocked
Cant Upgrade GunsUpgrade Guns
Finite CoinsInfinite Coins

Android Requirements

If you are interested in playing the modded version of the Zombie Catchers Cheat APK with full system compatibility and magnified premium possession then you need to meet some of the key android requirements. These are actually the essential points that are stated below to help you get fully familiarized with them. So, let’s explore them.

  • Allow the 3rd party access
  • 101 MB of free space
  • Get version v1.36.7
  • Android 7.0 is needed

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to download the Zombie Catchers Cheat APK for free?

If you want to download the Zombie Catchers Cheat APK for free then click on the given download button and access it without any money-related trouble.

Can we safely unlock the unlimited weapons, money, and plutonium in the Zombie Catchers Hack?

Yes, by downloading the mod version of the Zombie Catchers Hack from a secure third-party source such as our website, you can safely unlock unlimited weapons, money, and plutonium.

What to do to fix ads and reloading issues in the Zombie Catchers APK Hack version?

There is no need to do anything to get rid of the ads and reloading issues Zombie Catchers Hack version rather by accessing it from our website link you can get it all fixed.

Final Words

To conclude, the Zombie Catchers Mod APK is a super-relaxing fun hub that is brought to the utmost perfection by its developers with unlimited money, premiums, and unlimited plutonium. There are multiple tasks, action-filled stats, and fun-combined technicalities that are all there to add a desired aesthetic touch. Likewise, the boss battles with unlocked premium weapons can make your time immersive and fascinating. All-in-all, the Zombie Catchers Hack is a thrilling pick with magnified enchanter’s involvement in its gameplay that is superiorly modded with peak challenges, missions, and modes to serve you with soothing and relaxing stats. So, download it from the given link on our website and have fun.

5/5 (1 Review)

Hello Zombie Catchers around the world! We have made the following changes in this update:
-Under the hood improvements

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

Download Zombie Catchers MOD APK v1.36.7 (Unlimited Money, Plutonium)


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